The Furoshiki the eco-responsible alternative

Used by Milky Hour for eco-responsible packaging, furoshiki can also be used in your daily life.
Once again , it is important for us to emphasize reuse, sustainability.
Stop the mess, and all kinds of gift papers that only last for one evening.
The small daily gestures also count.

Well the “Furoshiki” actually does not speak to everyone, so we are going to tell you about it a little more precisely:
Japanese ancestral folding technique, you can bring any fabric that you find pretty, or that you want to reuse because it has been lying around for far too long in the closet.
Then, in no time at all with this pretty fabric that you have selected, you can wrap your gifts (no more searching for tape and scissors all over the house).
A nice little package that stands out from the others, we assure you.

Make room for creativity!

Our pretty Milky Hour knot is not complicated and we explain how to do it in a few steps


For more folding techniques you just have to click here where you will have a wide choice of types of furoshiki.
Do not hesitate to send us your most beautiful furoshiki on our Instagram @Milkyhour

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