How to try to be in better phase with your postpartum body?

Solutions to reconnect with your postpartum body

Well, let's talk about the difficult subject, the sensitive subject, the taboo subject! The postpartum body.

When for some it's “I lost everything during breastfeeding, it's great” and for others it's “I don't recognize myself anymore, I don't feel like a woman anymore, I'm disgusted” then yes these are harsh, unfair words, but words that women claim for themselves.

Today I'm not here to tell you once again "you carried life, it's magnificent" etc. Yes it's true, you know it and even if it's beautiful, it doesn't take away the fact that you still don't feel better about your woman's body after giving birth. You get stuck in a body that doesn't necessarily suit you.

I've been there, I'm even still there and I'm going to tell you the little things that made me start working on myself to appreciate my body more and more.

Instagram accounts to follow during postpartum

First of all the NETWORKS: Instagram, oh instagram you can be so good but sometimes so hard!
Girls who are in top shape, who have a flat postpartum belly after 2 weeks, who have their house tidy and a pie in the oven, it can be a bit overwhelming.
So seeing this and then taking a look at my dirty laundry I said to myself, it's not possible I'm leaving this page, it does not reflect me and does not reflect motherhood. And I started looking for guilt-free Instagram pages that show the truth, yes the truth of the postpartum body and more!
I share with you a wide choice of instagram pages that I loved and that make me feel good when I open my application, accounts that make you feel good : Danaemercer; CelestebarberRianneMeijerElykilleuse ; Onveutduvrai

Exercise to help your body after childbirth

Second, SPORT, good this one I can tell you about it but I admit that I'm not there yet.
I tried it many times but without much success.
I simply think that sometimes you should not force yourself but do yourself good, find sports activities that you like without doing 6578 abs a day.
So you know what, with my best friend we bought rollerblades, in addition to doing a little sport we spend time together which is good for the head but also for the body.
(be careful to think about doing your abdominal and perineal rehabilitation)

  Comfort food, a terribly effective weapon to better manage your postpartum body!

The good FOOD broccoli and chicken breast no thank you! Knowing how to have fun is important (a little pizz from time to time, we can't blame ourselves) but also taking the time to cook small dishes in advance if you don't have time. It is possible to find healthy dishes while remaining gourmet, yes I assure you (there are a lot of recipes on tiktok and other networks if you do not have the inspiration of course).

Comment retrouver son corps d’avant la grossesse ?

Nursing clothes in which you feel good.

Because it's this chic nursing dress or this little top that you put on that brings you many compliments that you shouldn't refuse yourself. It's good for your mood, your body and you would be wrong to deprive yourself of it !

So of course there is no miracle recipe for immediately feeling better in a body, a body that sometimes seems a little foreign to us.

From time to time you feel miserable and it is NORMAL.

But a few little tips can help you gradually regain self-confidence and allow you to be in better tune with your body (postpartum or not)

Don't forget, you are gorgeous.

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