What place for the dad during breastfeeding?

The dad can make the difference during the breastfeeding phase

Breastfeeding is a more or less long period which, of course, is wonderful, but which is not easy on all points:

Fatigue for almost all of us (and not the small sympathetic fatigue, no no the big fatigue); pain (hello mastitis cracks and other joys of breastfeeding); tension in the couple for some (and hello the baby clash) and sometimes even pressure from the family and in-laws!

So for those who can't take it anymore, who are exhausted, don't worry there are solutions and among these solutions we often find the psychological but also practical support of the spouse. So yes, it goes without saying for some, but sometimes this support does not necessarily happen instinctively, which can compromise the good experience of breastfeeding, or even breastfeeding itself.

So we asked you questions on our instagram and some simple daily gestures performed by spouses seem to help, soothe and sometimes make breastfeeding a little easier and less stressful.

But not only that, it allows breastfeeding dads to feel “useful” when sometimes they have trouble finding their place.

Le rôle du papa pendant l’allaitement

“Let him cook me and bring me my meal when I am stuck for a feeding”

Because we too are hungry, and when a little koala is clinging to us all day and all night long it is often difficult to manage the meal and feed us properly. So thank you cooks, it's up to you

“Let him tell me that I am on top, his encouragement ”

Indeed to feel that we are on top, that they are proud of us, well that makes us feel good!

“Let him take the baby at night and place him at the breast”

The nights are tough, the important thing is to get together with your spouse: some people alternate the nights so that one, then the other can rest.
Others wake up at the same time for more support and task sharing. The important thing is to support each other and find a balance at 3. And if the nursing mother needs to keep her eyes closed, boobies in the air without moving, well this is where it is necessary to involve the breastfeeding dad. Your partner can take care of placing baby at the breast, certain positions allow it!

“That my spouse prepare the meals and do the dishes of the breast pump”

We are not going to lie to each other, when we have just given birth we are told “rest when baby is resting”
Which would mean that at home, the dishes, laundry and meals are done as if by magic.
If the spouse has gone back to work, it is sometimes difficult to navigate the daily tasks and when you see that you have to go to pump but the breast pump is dirty, it is the loose. So the dishes of the breast pump is not a bad idea, the small meal either!
Don't hesitate to share your experiences with us on Instagram @MilkyHour, we are delighted to read you and discuss with you.

La place du papa pendant la phase d’allaitement est clé pour l’harmonie de la famille

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