Our story:
The birth of Milky Hour

Milky Hour is a family affair!

It all starts with my little surprise baby, Enoha.

Breastfeeding was immediately obvious to me, encouraged by those around me and especially my mother, who herself had breastfed me. But then, even though breastfeeding was wonderful for me, I quickly became disillusioned when I had to start going out and therefore getting ready: Adios my pretty turtleneck, adios my little black dress that I thought I'd put on after my childbirth.

I felt torn between the desire to be a breastfeeding mother and the desire to be a fulfilled woman who feels good in her clothes. I quickly realized that it would be more practical for me to turn to nursing clothes. And miraculously, I found some! But unfortunately, so few...

So with my mom, it was immediately obvious to us. We wanted to create something together, that would be it, without a doubt! It all made so much sense to us. So we started thinking and the first sketches were born thanks to my mom's little hands, so many ideas and desires!

That's how Milky Hour started, between mother and daughter.

- Clara

“There is no greater joy than that which is not expected. - Sophocles

The concept

It was important to us that these clothes not only be used for the breastfeeding period. Our clothes had to last in time, so we had to think of very discreet opening systems.


All of our clothes are breastfeeding friendly. Invisible zips are placed in the seams so that you will see nothing. Some of them are completely concealed in the fabric for more discretion. A system of overlapping fabric has also been implemented on one of our models. And that's just the beginning…

The objective: to allow women to breastfeed without constraints of place or time while remaining trendy!

We wanted it to be Made in France. We looked for a factory that would share our values ​​and we found it!

Our models will be made in small quantities, making them almost unique!

We thought of 3 products: the dress, the blouse and the sweatshirt. 3 essentials to have in your wardrobe! Whether you want to adopt a classic, casual or even comfy look, Milky Hour will satisfy you!

Our Values

Made in France

At a time when it is necessary to consume better, in a responsible and ethical way, it was important for us to create a line entirely Made in France. Our entire collection has been imagined, created and manufactured in France.

We have chosen to trust French know-how, a guarantee of quality and authenticity.

The fabrics used were chosen because of their origin and their composition. We wanted to favor French or European manufacturers.